Title: Alone in the Dark 2
Company: Arrow Micro-Techs
Format: 1 HDI image
Size: 11.3 MB Compressed
Game Type: Action/Adventure
Adult Content: None

This sequel to the original Alone in the Dark has a bigger focus on action than it's predecessor, and features a main character who seems just about immune to bullets (I think I was shot at least 100 times before I died.) You're investigating a house run by zombies/pirates trying to rescue a little girl, who you play as for part of the game. Like the original game, it's best run in T98-Next with the processor set at 66 Mhz. A word on controls, to attack, select your weapon from the inventory screen, hold down space to read it, and attack with the arrow keys while keeping space depressed.

This game cannot be requested due to size.