Title: Alpha Dain
Company: Great
Format: 1 HDI image
Size: 1.42 MB Compressed
Game Type: Strategy
Adult Content: Nudity (Censored)

The world is destroyed, and you are subjected to several walls of text among the crumbling skyscrapers. After this, you're given a rather bland menu, where if you start a new game, it dumps you right into character creation. Once you've made your protagonist, you start the first mission immediately. The isometric graphics are nice, unfortunately, only a handful of adjacent tiles are shown (the view area is really small.) At least they through in a minimap...

JRK's review indicates that there's adult content (presumably in the same 80's anime style the whole game is done in.) However, I've been informed by someone who's played the game through that it's only a shower scene and nothing else. The tiny viewing area (Often times, smaller than your movement/fire grid) will require you adjust it constantly to keep an eye on the action, and the controls separate movement from rotation. Also, combat can take a while, as everyone seems to have a large amount of HP relative to their damage.