Title: Mobile Suit Gundam: A Year of War
Company: Family Soft
Format: 3 FDI images
Size: 1.27 MB Compressed
Game Type: Strategy
Adult Content: None

This a strange one... a gundam game that seems like a step back from the previous games. It's another pseudo-hexbased strategy game taking place in both space and on planets. This time around you're playing the Zeon side. However, unlike some earlier games, the combat scenes have been downgraded to where you just pick weapons and see results. No neat pictures of gundams, no shooting animations... nothing. There's a very nice opening, which you can play by loading the Opening disk, but to play the actual game, you skip that entirely and put Disk 1 in the first drive and Disk 2 in the second.

The game plays pretty easily, but for some reason, during the first mission, none of the enemy ships were displayed on the map. Not sure if that's intentional or a bug with Anex.

Zimmerit has a good discussion of the PC98 Gundam games, including this one.