Title: Brah
Alternate Title: Brah Choushinden
Company: Comrade Systems
Format: 1 HDI Image
Size: 6.53 MB Compressed
Game Type: RPG
Adult Content: None

This is a post-apocalyptic RPG with lots of nice artwork and animation... which is completely overshadowed by the godawful control system. Your character automatically seeks the mouse at all times outside of combat, providing the sole method of moving him about. Be prepared for unending pathfinding frustration. Although there's a lot of wandering about and just talking to people, you eventually fight creatures in a turn-based setting, with animated cut-scene moves and everything. Controls are more bearable for this part, although the actual combat is rather difficult, in the first battle enemies can one-shot you.

No adult content that I found, and it didn't seem to be leaning that way, although you do get two female companions.