Title: Cry Sweeper
Company: D.O.
Format: CD image
Size: 600 MB Compressed
Game Type: Adventure/Shooter
Adult Content: Nudity, Sex, Gore (Censored)

Definitely one of the better adventure games on the platform, although the digitized voice, which is the primary reason for the CD format, doesn't add anything to the game. You play two girls investigating a school where mysterious crimes have been occuring. One girl is psychic, while the other is telekinetic, although the shooter-style combat sequences that involve her telekinesis only occur in the latter one-third of the game.

Art work is excellent, game play is relatively intuitive, if only slightly non-linear (there are few real choices.) While there is a great deal to investigate, rarely do you need to look at every background object to advance in the game. The adult content is plentiful, and reviewable in CG mode once the game is won.

Game unavailable to download due to size.