Title: Hermes War
Company: P-Joe (Probably Manami-Joestar?)
Format: 1 FDI image
Size: 495 KB Compressed
Game Type: RPG
Adult Content: Some adult humor

This one sat in my unsorted images folder for ages because it starts with one of my most hated RPG tropes: The village you can't leave until you've talked to everyone. Actually, in this case, talked to everyone, then gone into the corner to dig something up, then subjected to a very, very long cutscene. All this while having a rather strange turn-based interface where you have to use space to select your heroine, move your 30 spaces, then let everyone else have a turn.

Anyway, once you get done with that part, the actual game is a turn-based strategy (a rather simple one) featuring multiple characters. I've included a save in this version so you can actually get right into the game.