Title: Junjou Ninja Hana Ketsu no Bakudan Maru
Company: Team Bloody Ninja
Format: 1 FDI image
Size: 648 KB Compressed
Game Type: Quiz
Adult Content: Nudity

This a quiz game where you play a rather generic ninja faced with a ninja who wears an American flag... and constantly gets injured by motor vehicles. He's not a very good ninja. The battles are quiz battles, where whatever girl you're trying to help at the time loses clothing when you miss a response. Strangely, there's no such reward for winning... anyway, it's a neat little quiz game and there's some decent animation in the little scenes as well.

This game was originally included on the DiscStation DS98 #19 collection, and was dumped to individual disks by BabaJeanmel on the FMV Forums