Game Downloads

MyAbandonware - This site has a very extensive collection of PC-98 games for download.

NeoKobe on - A large collection of PC-98 games with a torrent for downloading.

Game Screenshots/Descriptions

PC98 Games Screenshot Project - Probably the most authoritative listing of PC-98 screenshots. Now that Ben has returned and filled most of it out, it's a great guide for identifying games.

JRK's RPG site features RPGs and reviews for almost every platform imaginable, including the PC-98 and PC-88. Text is in Polish, however.

AL32Gabby's PC-98 Page is a Russian page devoted to the system. Text is in both Russian and English, although some menus are Russian only. He has a game list if you wish to trade games with him. (Site partially broken)

Sutorippu has reviews of a wide variety of adult games, including those for the PC-98 and PC-88.

Sogna Digital Museum is a site devoted to the now-defunct hentai game maker Sogna, which released most of their titles for the PC-98 as well as the standard PC.


FMV Forums are easily the best English (in the language, not the nationality sense) forums for discussing PC-98 games and issues with people from around the world.

/r/PC98 on Reddit A small subreddit dedicated to the PC-98.

All links checked 6/1/2020