Title: Para.Dice: Have you seen the Highwayman?
Company: AION
Format: 2 FDI images
Size: 1.12 MB Compressed
Game Type: Board Game/RPG
Adult Content: Nudity

This one took me forever to find. It's a board game where you chose one of eight girls and play either against computer opponents or other humans in a hotseat mode. You roll dice, and move around the board fighting monsters and each other. Whenever a player loses a battle, they lose clothing. Sadly, I have no idea exactly how you win a game, as it appears opponents can't be eliminated.

However, a reader was kind enough to mail in how to win:

"One of the players has to find the treasure chest in one of the spaces, and it has to open to reveal an orb with a golden dragon. Then she has to move to the little palace in the middle of the board, rolling on just enough spaces to get inside, and she wins."