Title: 33 Eyes Sanjiyan Henjyo
Nihon Create

Compressed Size: 10.47 MB
Image Format: 1 HDI file
Game Type:

Anime License
School Setting

Adult Content:
One of a series of games Nihon Create made based on the 3x3 Eyes manga series. This was the only one of the three released for the PC-9801. Although the characters from the manga are present, you play as a ordinary high school student who is drawn into the events.

The game itself has some absolutely wonderful animation, including the long introductory section. Resolution is low, but the general artwork and effort put into it are excellent. The gameplay, however, is a relatively ordinary look/see/talk kind of adventure game. Despite having a windows-like interface and dedicated action icons, you don't click on anything in current viewscreen, but instead on a number of possibilities that come up when you select any given action from the right-hand side interface.