Title: Bomber Quest

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Adult Content:
Sex (Censored)
Like many of Mink's PC-98 games, this one has pretty good production values and art. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work particularly well as an enjoyable game.There's a throwaway plot about being a student sucked into another world, and a princess to rescue, but it's all really a vague excuse for framing a set of largely unrelated hentai scenes. The gameplay is unrelated to say, Bomberman, and instead largely consists of you selecting a series of crates, then rotating the resulting piece with the right mouse click, to place a bit of path. The board is uniform, and you have to rely on the occasionally "you're close" hint to find a place to visit. Once you unearth one of these places, you'll be treated to a small scene. There's also some RPG-ish combat, but seeing as how there's only an attack/item/run interaction, it's more an irritation than anything.