Title: Doki Doki Amanachan 2
Toy Pops

Compressed Size: 0.63 MB
Image Format: 1 FDI file
Game Type:

Female Protagonist
School Setting
X68000 Compatible

Adult Content:
Sex (Censored)
The sequel to Amana-chan's first adventure (which came out on the PC-88) this game features largely the same style of art, they've just aged Amana-chan up a little and moved her to a school setting. Enemies include pervy gym teachers, slimes, and other such things.

There's really only a few commands, forward and back, essentially, so gameplay involves a lot of pacing back and forth to gain the required levels to beat later enemies. The game is controlled with the numbers, and the disk contains a X68000 executable if you want to run it on that platform (Although it did crash once when I did so)