Title: Devil Chain 98

Compressed Size: 0.66 MB
Image Format: 1 FDI file
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Adult Content:
Sex (Censored)
This puzzle game comes with a long intro about young women being bound in a school… which really doesn't appear to have any relation to the game at all. It's a puzzle game where you "rotate" the blocks by color, in the order shown left to right across the top, with the blocks disappearing after the last color. Eliminating the blocks is the goal, and there's a CG scene after you clear each round. Arrow keys move the outline of the box, and the Z key activates your change. For whatever reason, Space forwards things at the title screen and after every clear. The game (or Unipuma's launcher) doesn't like Anex86, so you'll need to run it in Neko Project or another emulator.