Title: Dungeon Walkers Sidestory: Tiara
Studio Ray

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Adult Content:
Another 3D RPG dungeon crawl from the same guys who did Dungeon Walkers. This time around, you're playing a very angry looking blue-haired swordsman, but don't worry,there's plenty of girls with high thigh-slits about; this time, your companion has been kidnapped and held in a spooky mansion. You make your may through the first floor fighting monsters, only to recover her, but she's been bitten by a vampire. So the quest continues...Although there's a nice automapping feature, some parts of interface are less than intuitive. You start with no weapons or armor, and need to buy some. However, you won't use them automatically: once you're in the dungeon, you need to hit Escape to bring up the camp options, then select the second option from the top to equip each piece of equipment.