Title: Earth Defense Girl Iko UFO

Compressed Size: 4.48 MB
Image Format: 1 HDI file
Game Type:

Magical Girl

Adult Content:
I avoided posting this game for ages and ages, because the original dumper had it labeled as "adult content" and I'd never been able to find any. Well, I played through most of the game, and I still didn't find anything, so here it is. It's a very well-done adventure game where your pink-clad heroine fights a variety of monsters attacking the city, most of which are parodies of famous japanese film and anime monsters. There's a card-based battle system for each fight.The adventure part can be a little irritating, as often it's some small part of the screen which seems insignificant that you need to click on to advance. But hey, it appears that KISS is in charge of your ship engineering, that's something.