Title: Feiren World Bangaihen 2
Eiichi Kinoshita

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Game Type:

Female Protagonist

Adult Content:
You play a very monocolor elf girl, who explores a cave and battles various shadow monsters. It has some small amount of animation, and everything seems well drawn, if a little bland. You move your character with the arrow keys (not the number pad arrows, though) and use Enter to interact with things. Combat is random, and you're given your chance to win or lose the battle, primarily based on your level (which can be updated from treasure chests) Magic fountains can heal you, warp spots jump you around, etc. It's all fairly intuitive (and helped by the automap) except for dead-ends in the tunnels just... trail off into blackness instead of obviously being dead-ends. Given the very late copyright date in the opening screen (2013) this was presumably written well after the age when people generally used PC-98 machines, as a retro-revival type thing.