Title: G Fight
Aso Soft

Compressed Size: 2.64 MB
Image Format: 1 HDI file
Game Type:

Female Protagonist

Adult Content:
This is a very simple card battle game where you play against various girls in Gundam constumes. Each player has 100 life, and at each 25 increment, they lose clothing. Winning is rather simple, as sufficient power-ups will make you easily able to overwhelm opponents. Disk warnings remain in the game in spite of a hard disk install. Just click again when prompted for a disk. After beating all the other girls, a boss character will appear. Censorship was added at run-time, and I have removed it from this game. Worth noting is that the opening options are Game Start, Clear Save, and Exit, in that order. While dumping the EXE, I noticed there was a menu text string to "switch characters" and it appears from the graphics that this would be easily possible. However, even after altering the save files to unlock everything else, I wasn't able to activate this feature. Please mail me if you figure out how to.