Title: Gokuraku Tengoku - Omemie no Maki
Shinjitsu Pro

Compressed Size: 2.65 MB
Image Format: 5 FDI files
Game Type:

Adult Content:
Sex (Censored)
This is one a of a series of games that Shinjitsu Pro released, presumably all of the same RPG style, but not necessarily all on the same platform (I think at least some of them were PC-88 only.) This particular one finds your dragon-warrior-esque hero battling a number of unsettling monster girls. It's definitely of the dated RPG style of that era... animation is minimal, sprites are flickery and doorways have to be aligned just right for you to go through them. The game is controlled with the number pad, as well as space and enter. Getting this one to run was a bit of an effort, it looks like several emulators have problems with it. I'd suggest Neko project... the "User" disk goes in floppy disk A, and the Data Disk 2 in floppy disk B. The "System" disk boots, but is only actually used for making the user disk, which is thereafter used to boot the game.