Title: Hermes War

Compressed Size: 0.48 MB
Image Format: 1 FDI file
Game Type:

Turn Based Strategy

Adult Content:
This one sat in my unsorted images folder for ages because it starts with one of my most hated RPG tropes: The village you can't leave until you've talked to everyone. Actually, in this case it was: talked to everyone, then gone into the corner to dig something up, then subjected to a very, very long cutscene. All this while having a rather strange turn-based interface where you have to use space to select your heroine, move your 30 spaces, then let everyone else have a turn. Anyway, once you get done with that part, the actual game is a turn-based strategy (a rather simple one) featuring multiple characters. I've included a save in this version so you can actually get right into the game.

The accompanying documentation on the disk describes this as the author's first game, and gives instructions about installing it, but doesn't really talk about the game itself at all.