Title: Horny Sweeper

Compressed Size: 4.92 MB
Image Format: 1 HDI file
Game Type:

Turn Based Strategy
Copy Protection (Uncracked)

Adult Content:
Sex (Censored)
Going back through my collection, looking for games to add, I was stunned to see I added Horny Sweeper 2 years ago, but never the original game. Then I booted it up and remembered why... it has some really irritating not-really-cracked copy protection. The only way through it (since it requires 3 successful tries and doesn't penalize failure) is to keep entering "88" until you get enough successes. So prepare to waste at least 2 minutes of your life on that.

Anyway, the game is worse than the sequel in every way. Besides that irritance, it decides the best way to start the game is something like 10 turns of movement before you run into an enemy. Then, once you do, you need to fight them one-by-one in a choke point to win. The sex scenes are somewhat animated and interactive (more of a look-see-think kind of way) that you have to go through to> have sex with the girls and recruit them to your side. Production values on the art are pretty good, though.MobyGames has a pretty decent summary of the game and it's excuse-plot as well.