Title: Marvel Putt Golf

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A simple putt-putt golf game, where you can play a variety of courses with several players taking turns. It's really big on water traps and such, though, so it gets difficult pretty fast. Controls are done with the mouse, you move the mouse to adjust the angle of your shot (the way it's going is shown by an orange circle; press the button once you've lined it up, and the red power meter on the side will go up and down. Another mouse click will lock in the power and take the shot. The game has a mercy option (probably necesary) if you take to many shots, and unfortunately, in some areas, it's possible to move your orange circle off the screen, making it hard to shoot.This game was originally included on the DiscStation DS98 #04 collection, and was dumped to individual disks by BabaJeanmel on the FMV Forums