Title: Metal and Lace 2

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Adult Content:
Sex (Censored)
By the low combined standards of "Fighting Games on the PC-98" and "Adult Fighting Games" Metal and Lace 2 is pretty good. As video games as a whole go, it's relatively mediocre. Animation is poor, graphics are relatively low resolution, and the gameplay is rather unbalanced. Still, the CG is nice, although one has to wonder why they went with robots fighting instead of the pretty girls who are apparently piloting them. You chose from one of several fighters, and battle your way through the opponents (including a boss, of course, at the end) with a little bit of smack talk before hand. Adult content appears as CG of your defeated opponent after a match, 2 images normally, three if you won without losing a round. Controls are arrow keys, Z and X, with arrow away from your opponent as the block function. The game is actually a license of a very poorly executed similar concept (The original "Metal and Lace") which was developed by a completely different company.