Title: Seifuku Mansion - Tadaima Manshitsu
Studio Angel

Compressed Size: 1.59 MB
Image Format: 3 FDI files
Game Type:

School Setting
Copy Protection (Cracked)

Adult Content:
Sex (Censored)
This is an adventure game where your blue-haired male protagonist wanders around the school, talking to/doing favors for various personnel, in return for them disrobing (and eventually having sex in the larger CG scenes.) At least it has an overworld, if a very plain one. Controls are via the arrow keys and return.

The copy protection on this game is actually more memorable than the game itself, as it involved overwriting the COMMAND.COM interpreter on start up, and then putting back the old one at the end. This didn't work very well, particularly when emulated, so I've removed the protection.