Title: Silens - Berserkers Front 3
Studio K2

Compressed Size: 0.49 MB
Image Format: 1 FDI file
Game Type:

Turn Based Strategy
Copy Protection (Uncracked)

Adult Content:
The third game in the Berserker Front series, this one sees you attacking the hostile AI with a rather impressive fleet, that you select from requisition points at the beginning of the game. You get a lot of ships, one way or another, and you have to place them all before the game begins. Control is all via the mouse.

This game appears to have some simple copy protection at start-up, it wants you to chose the matching option to the challenge. Just repeat until you get the "3 7" question, then select the second option from the left, and then the top option of that. It'll take you to the new game / load option.