Title: Star Platinum
Cybertech Custom

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Image Format: 1 HDI file
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Adult Content:
Let's start with the positives... this is a really good looking PC-98 game. The graphics are nice, the CG is nice, the UI is nice. Although it has a zodiac kind of skin to it, the underlying game is still clearly Hanafuda. Unfortunately, it's kind of mediocre as a hanafuda game. The computer tends to give the computer noticably better hands than you, and the scores for each round are set so low it's rarely worth going for anything but a "Stardust" victory.

At least losing is pretty much a slap on the wrist, you can retry again afterwards without losing any progress. The game does have a story, which is told between each game. While well drawn, it feels kind of added to pad the game length (which is quite short.) In any case, right click advances the screen text, which you're going to want to use... a lot. Even the strip sequences come with a ton of dialogue.