Title: Sword Dancer

Compressed Size: 2.50 MB
Image Format: 7 FDI files
Game Type:

Action RPG

Adult Content:
What's not so pleasant is the very confusing disk system and the fact it doesn't play well with a number of emulators (I ended up using T98-Next.) Basically, you need to boot with the "System" disk in slot 1, then switchthat with the User disk once the menu loads. If you start a new game with the top option, you'll be prompted to put Disk A in drive 2, and be treated to short intro explaining how bad guys stole your girl, and you need to go after them. There's no title screen, and as far as I can tell the "Opening" disk is never used. Huh?Once you get out of town, you'll encounter various creatures as you walk, and have to duel them in fighting mode. There's a number of other characters as well, although you have to select who will lead your party, and thus do the fighting.