Title: Sasami no "Tenchi" Dasshu Daisakusen!!
Team Psychopath

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Game Type:

Card Battle
Female Protagonist
Magical Girl

Adult Content:
Sex (Censored)
Well, I think it's fairly safe to say that Masaki Kajishima and Naoko Hasegawa did not give their approval to this game. It's a doujin game with the characters from Tenchi Muyo. You play Sasami who is trying to rescue Tenchi from Aeka and Ryoko who have kidnapped him. To do this, she battles them in a card game similiar toBattle Skin Panic with the loser of each round losing clothing. The game is a little more complex than similiar systems, but still easy to win. Your character has better stats than either of your opponents, and there's only two girls to play through.