Title: Twin Peaches
Pinky Soft

Compressed Size: 3.93 MB
Image Format: 5 FDI files
Game Type:

Adult Content:
Nudity (Censored)
Ok, the FDD rip of this game was actually bad due to FDD's track limit, so Ashura has kindly provided us with a working FDI version.This game has a number of bad rips circulating, this is an actual working copy courtesy of Jokey Folks. You play a rather disturbing looking young man as he fights his way through 3D dungeons, disrobing female opponents and allies as he goes.

It's very easy to damage your disks with this game, as it will happily format game disks if you insert the wrong disks by accident. To properly boot the game, put the USER disk in drive 1 and DISK #2 in drive 2.