Title: Lightning Vaccus: Knight of Iron

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Image Format: 1 FDI file
Game Type:

Turn Based Strategy

Adult Content:
There's a number of games I've got in my image collection that I've never gotten around to playing... some of them, because I could never get to function right. This was one of them, for the longest time. Not because it has emulation problems (although, it does under T98-Next and some Neko Project versions) butbecause the command to start the mission is ridiculously arcane. So, it's a turn-based mecha strategy that was released for the MSX, PC-88 and X68000 and although it's not very high-tech for the PC-98, it still manages to cram a fair amount of storyboards and graphics into a single disk image. You start up the game (It's not kidding about the Caps Lock thing... no input works if it's on) and select what units you want for the mission in a pretty straight-forward manner, using space or return to select the available ones until you're up to your allocation. Then, to start the mission, you have to push... Control-E to get the start menu. WTH. Also, it runs too fast on default emulator settings, I'd suggest using a max speed of 500,000 or perhaps a little higher under Anex86.