The Questions

How do I download games from this site?

Only the games listed under the most recent news section are available for direct download. This is to keep bandwidth costs down. You can request any game that is listed via e-mail, at the address below. I won't repost games, but I can send them as attachments.

How do I play the games on this site?

Grab the Anex86 emulator, unzip it into a spare folder, unzip the rom you downloaded, and start up Anex. Specify the file by clicking on either the Floppy slot for an FDI image, or Hard Disk for an HDI image. All games on this site should start up automatically when you start emulation. Some floppy games require disk 1 in slot A, and disk 2 in slot B.

Do all PC-98 games work with Anex?

Sadly, no. All games on this site work with Anex86 unless otherwise noted. At least 3 emulators are needed to emulate all the games I've encountered, T98-Next, Anex86 and Virtual98.

How do I contact you?

E-mail works best.

Is the TOSEC set a complete collection of PC-98 games?

Not even close.

TOSEC lists several different catagories of ROMs, but you only list FDI, FDD and HDI. Why?

PC-98 images come in an enormous variety of obscure formats. Thanks to the wonders of VFIC, however, all non-protected games can be converted to FDI or HDI. Protected games generally have to be converted to FDD.

Are there any PC-98 games in English?

Yes, both originally in English and fan translated.

Can I request games?

Yes, although I can't guarantee I have games not listed on the site. Send a request to my email address listed above.

Why are there so few Adventure/RPG games on this site?

I generally try to play a game far enough to know if has adult content. If the game makes me fall asleep and get a serious case of keyboard face, I'm not going to post it, I'm going to chuck it back in the /PC98/ directory that is slowly corrupting my hard drive.

Where can I find a complete listing of PC-98 games?

Nowhere that I know of. Ben has a pretty big listing over at FMV, as well as some screenshots.

Who actually will host a site like this?

The awesome people at

Can I link your site? Your screenshots? Your images?

Yes. No. No. You can rehost the later two if you want.

Can I donate money to support the site?


Why did you translate Marble Cooking?

A burning desire to subject humanity to the terrible suffering it so richly deserves.