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News [6/9/18]:

Mid...year update? Also, consider this your GDPR notification: I don't run ads or trackers.

AI Shogi
Bomber Quest 18+
Gokuraku Tengoku - Omemie no Maki 18+
Jack: Haitoku no Megami 18+
Telephone Bell.. 18+
Tenchi Muyo: Ryo-Ohki

News [12/31/17]:

Squeeking in an actual update for 2017! Miracles never cease.

Chika-chan's Wonderful Land
Maryiu Gakuen Nerawareta Shitai 18+
Premature Damsel 18+
Sweet Voices 1 18+
Virgin 2 Hana Hiraku Shoujo-tachi no AVG 18+

News [9/1/17]:

I'm so slow to update, that game translations are piling up. Here's two more.


News [5/20/17]:

Just a very small update to add a newly translated game, and fix a few things in older game sheets.

E.V.O: The Theory of Evolution

News [11/26/16]:

You know... this site really looks ancient. Like, 1995 internet ancient. I should build a full database and redo it... maybe in 2017. Going back through the archives made me realize this site was founded in 2004... damn. Anyway, some new games.

Alpha Dain (18+)
Beat Vice (18+)
Guardian Recall (18+)
Legend of Heroes III: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch
Shuten Doji

News [10/2/16]:

A full-sized update, and another english game from Nana vs. Nana. Good times.

Belloncho Body Inspection (English) (18+)
Blood Seed (18+)
Case of Dungeons
Elthlead Senshi
Tennis Tennis
Viper 6 (18+)

News [8/31/16]:

Not much time to play games, so this is a small update and there'll probably be a while before another one. Good news, is that there's some English translations that have come out recently, and the author's have given me permission to host.

Dungeon Walker Sidestory: Tiara
Reserve (English) (18+)
Reserve 1/2 (English) (18+)

News [7/2/16]:

Spring and early summer have been ridiculously busy. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.

Dragon Province
Fleia Version 2
Himitsu No Hanazano (18+)
Image (18+)
Imperial Force
Super Mariko 1

News [2/28/16]:

Back for 2016! I can really only manage one tedious adventure game an update, so there's some more interesting stuff as well.

Caramel Quest
Detrimental School 2 (18+)
Frontier Universe
Mugen Yasou Kyoko (18+)
Nyanko Sweeper Plus
Rayearth (18+)

News [10/17/15]:

Star Platinum has sat in my to-do bin for years... so here it is. Also, some more doujin games.

Hyper Securities Kinmirai Bishoujo Police (14+)
Macross 3 - Love Stories
Merupu Rurando
Star Platinum (18+)

News [9/18/15]:

Working through the (forgettable and bland) adventure game backlog, plus some more interesting doujin stuff.

Brown's Run
Camisole (18+)
Foresight Dolly (18+)
Noltia (18+)
Wakuwaku Block Kuzushi 3 (18+)

News [8/23/15]:

Four in a row?! That's better than I've done in a long time. Still small doujin games mostly.

Arctic Fox
Out Breakers
Shin XALX no Monshou 98
Shusuna Women - High School Guidance (18+)

News [7/12/15]:

Staying on a mostly doujin kick, facilitated by some kind people who sent me games I didn't have. No Space Hitler this time, though.

Bounty Colosseum
Hermes Wing (18+)
Metal Mover Jastrike (18+)
Peach Cards (18+)

News [6/7/15]:

All doujin stuff this time... I started out plowing my way through a bunch of old CG packs, but found some more interesting stuff. Including Space Hitler.

Flame Symbol 2
Nodom-1 (18+)
Rumex (18+)
Star Striker
Sweet View
Void Vanity Fleet

News [5/10/15]:

Happy Mother's Day... I guess? Anyway, continuing my effort to sort through PC98 games that aren't on the site.

Disk Bishoujo Daizukan (18+)
Legend of Shalice
Love Letters
Watashi o Golf ni Tsuretette (18+)

News [3/28/15]:

...and a quick follow-up, due largely to some interesting doujin games posted on the FMV forums, as well as some old stuff that had been sitting around...

Miko-san Fight!
Rising Fire
XIX (18+)

News [2/22/15]:

Back for 2015! Including some English games, and lots of old stuff I hadn't sorted through previously.

Enchanter: Wakaki Madoshi no Shiren
Lightning Vaccus: Knight of Iron
Momotaro 2 - Lots of Princesses (18+)
Nova Miirareta Sitai (18+)
Slip Stream
Solitaire Royal

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