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News [6/1/20]:

Monthly updates?! 2020 has indeed been strange. I'm not the only one with more time to look at old webpages, is being resurrected, although the site admin hasn't gotten most of the sections working at this time. I'm still working on some of the issues with my new site design, disk type should now be featured again. (Properly alphabetized categories though... working on that)

Devil Chain 2 (18+)
Devil Chain 98 (18+)
Wedding Peach
Wrestle Angel V3

News [5/10/20]:

I have to admit, I've had more time to play PC-98 games that I have in some while. I forgot to upload the Tokimeki image on the 2nd, it's fixed now.

Knucle Fighter
Shikimi (18+)
Star Puncher Kiki Ippatsu! (18+)
Tokimeki Girls - Love Like Ours

News [4/6/20]:

First real post-redesign update, still working on tagging games and fixing broken stuff.

Jankipon 2.0 (18+)
PolyWar 3
Yukonis no Mori de....
Zenkai 2

News [3/22/20]:

Site re-design at long last! Now almost all the game categories have clickable "Tags" so you can just to other games of that sort, by that company, etc.

No new games for this update... but I'll have those along soon.

News [2/16/20]:

First update of the new year, some more doujin games.

Advanced Dogiemon
The Elemental Quest - Search for Power
Feiren World Bangaihen 2
K-Tora USA
Midnight Waitress 3 18+
Taisen Hanafuda

News [12/25/19]:

Surprise Christmas update? Why not! Six more games.

Jewul Bem Hunter Lime 2 PG-13
Oyaji Spirits
Petinger 18+
Turbo FreeWay

News [11/23/19]:

Probably the last site update for the year, working on clearing my backlog of doujin games.

Agalta II
Agalta III
Great Genocider
Youkai no Sato

News [10/19/19]:

I've been sorting through lots of doujin games, so I might as well do some site updates.

Shield Sprite
Shuuchuuryoku Yousei Gibs Konjou Hen
Shooter's Solitude

News [9/7/19]:

Perfect Dark was at least a passible source for doujin games, so I've got some new ones from there, although it seems a lot sparser than it was years ago. Not much luck on my Requested Games but I did get at least one.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Five 18+
Insect - Indecent Beast Prisoner 2 18+
Mana '94 18+
Mayumi - School Adventure Game 18+
Summer Resort Chuukintou 2

News [6/10/19]:

First post of 2019! About half way into 2019. First let me start by apologizing to some of my requesting people, I found two of the games I said I didn't have after your emails. So at least you can download them now. The real thing that got me back to updating though was discovering a treasure trove of doujin PC-98 screenshots. So needless to say, my Requested Games Page has been greatly expanded.

Card Busters 2: Holy Spirit of the Resurrection
Doukyuusei 18+
Ginjo Megane Musume 18+
Metal and Lace 2 18+
Shinku Leotard S Marionette J Noe Emaki

News [11/18/18]:

Back with some decent RPGs from TGL, and some... other stuff. Horny Sweeper, at long last.

Horny Sweeper 18+
Might & Magic: Secret of the Inner Sanctum
Pure 18+
Sword Dancer
Sword Dancer 2: Goddess of the Evil Blade

News [8/4/18]:

I've been going through a lot of the Compile Disc Station games since they were parsed out and posted on the FMV forums. Also, I've been trying to knock out some of the anime license titles I've just never bothered with.

Ah! Megami sama
Junjou Ninja Hana Ketsu no Bakudan Maru 18+
Junjou Ninja Hana Ketsu no Bakudan Maru 2 18+
Junjou Ninja Hana Ketsu no Bakudan Maru 3 18+
Marvel Putt Golf
Mobile Suit Gundam: A Year of War

News [6/9/18]:

Mid...year update? Also, consider this your GDPR notification: I don't run ads or trackers. For those curious about what the GDPR is, try here.

AI Shogi
Bomber Quest 18+
Gokuraku Tengoku - Omemie no Maki 18+
Jack: Haitoku no Megami 18+
Telephone Bell.. 18+
Tenchi Muyo: Ryo-Ohki

News [12/31/17]:

Squeeking in an actual update for 2017! Miracles never cease.

Chika-chan's Wonderful Land
Maryiu Gakuen Nerawareta Shitai 18+
Premature Damsel 18+
Sweet Voices 1 18+
Virgin 2 Hana Hiraku Shoujo-tachi no AVG 18+

News [9/1/17]:

I'm so slow to update, that game translations are piling up. Here's two more.


News [5/20/17]:

Just a very small update to add a newly translated game, and fix a few things in older game sheets.

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