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News [11/18/18]:

Back with some decent RPGs from TGL, and some... other stuff. Horny Sweeper, at long last.

Horny Sweeper 18+
Might & Magic: Secret of the Inner Sanctum
Pure 18+
Sword Dancer
Sword Dancer 2: Goddess of the Evil Blade

News [8/4/18]:

I've been going through a lot of the Compile Disc Station games since they were parsed out and posted on the FMV forums. Also, I've been trying to knock out some of the anime license titles I've just never bothered with.

Ah! Megami sama
Junjou Ninja Hana Ketsu no Bakudan Maru 18+
Junjou Ninja Hana Ketsu no Bakudan Maru 2 18+
Junjou Ninja Hana Ketsu no Bakudan Maru 3 18+
Marvel Putt Golf
Mobile Suit Gundam: A Year of War

News [6/9/18]:

Mid...year update? Also, consider this your GDPR notification: I don't run ads or trackers.

AI Shogi
Bomber Quest 18+
Gokuraku Tengoku - Omemie no Maki 18+
Jack: Haitoku no Megami 18+
Telephone Bell.. 18+
Tenchi Muyo: Ryo-Ohki

News [12/31/17]:

Squeeking in an actual update for 2017! Miracles never cease.

Chika-chan's Wonderful Land
Maryiu Gakuen Nerawareta Shitai 18+
Premature Damsel 18+
Sweet Voices 1 18+
Virgin 2 Hana Hiraku Shoujo-tachi no AVG 18+

News [9/1/17]:

I'm so slow to update, that game translations are piling up. Here's two more.


News [5/20/17]:

Just a very small update to add a newly translated game, and fix a few things in older game sheets.

E.V.O: The Theory of Evolution

News [11/26/16]:

You know... this site really looks ancient. Like, 1995 internet ancient. I should build a full database and redo it... maybe in 2017. Going back through the archives made me realize this site was founded in 2004... damn. Anyway, some new games.

Alpha Dain (18+)
Beat Vice (18+)
Guardian Recall (18+)
Legend of Heroes III: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch
Shuten Doji

News [10/2/16]:

A full-sized update, and another english game from Nana vs. Nana. Good times.

Belloncho Body Inspection (English) (18+)
Blood Seed (18+)
Case of Dungeons
Elthlead Senshi
Tennis Tennis
Viper 6 (18+)

News [8/31/16]:

Not much time to play games, so this is a small update and there'll probably be a while before another one. Good news, is that there's some English translations that have come out recently, and the author's have given me permission to host.

Dungeon Walker Sidestory: Tiara
Reserve (English) (18+)
Reserve 1/2 (English) (18+)

News [7/2/16]:

Spring and early summer have been ridiculously busy. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.

Dragon Province
Fleia Version 2
Himitsu No Hanazano (18+)
Image (18+)
Imperial Force
Super Mariko 1

News [2/28/16]:

Back for 2016! I can really only manage one tedious adventure game an update, so there's some more interesting stuff as well.

Caramel Quest
Detrimental School 2 (18+)
Frontier Universe
Mugen Yasou Kyoko (18+)
Nyanko Sweeper Plus
Rayearth (18+)

News [10/17/15]:

Star Platinum has sat in my to-do bin for years... so here it is. Also, some more doujin games.

Hyper Securities Kinmirai Bishoujo Police (14+)
Macross 3 - Love Stories
Merupu Rurando
Star Platinum (18+)

News [9/18/15]:

Working through the (forgettable and bland) adventure game backlog, plus some more interesting doujin stuff.

Brown's Run
Camisole (18+)
Foresight Dolly (18+)
Noltia (18+)
Wakuwaku Block Kuzushi 3 (18+)

News [8/23/15]:

Four in a row?! That's better than I've done in a long time. Still small doujin games mostly.

Arctic Fox
Out Breakers
Shin XALX no Monshou 98
Shusuna Women - High School Guidance (18+)

News [7/12/15]:

Staying on a mostly doujin kick, facilitated by some kind people who sent me games I didn't have. No Space Hitler this time, though.

Bounty Colosseum
Hermes Wing (18+)
Metal Mover Jastrike (18+)
Peach Cards (18+)

News [6/7/15]:

All doujin stuff this time... I started out plowing my way through a bunch of old CG packs, but found some more interesting stuff. Including Space Hitler.

Flame Symbol 2
Nodom-1 (18+)
Rumex (18+)
Star Striker
Sweet View
Void Vanity Fleet

News [5/10/15]:

Happy Mother's Day... I guess? Anyway, continuing my effort to sort through PC98 games that aren't on the site.

Disk Bishoujo Daizukan (18+)
Legend of Shalice
Love Letters
Watashi o Golf ni Tsuretette (18+)

News [3/28/15]:

...and a quick follow-up, due largely to some interesting doujin games posted on the FMV forums, as well as some old stuff that had been sitting around...

Miko-san Fight!
Rising Fire
XIX (18+)

News [2/22/15]:

Back for 2015! Including some English games, and lots of old stuff I hadn't sorted through previously.

Enchanter: Wakaki Madoshi no Shiren
Lightning Vaccus: Knight of Iron
Momotaro 2 - Lots of Princesses (18+)
Nova Miirareta Sitai (18+)
Slip Stream
Solitaire Royal

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