The Questions

How do I download games from this site?

Only the games listed under the most recent news section are available for direct download, along with the English translated games and a few other selections from over the years. This is to keep bandwidth costs down. You can request any game that is listed via e-mail, at the address below. I won't repost games, but I can send them as attachments.

How do I play the games on this site?

You'll need a PC-98 emulator. All games on this site should start up automatically when you start emulation. Some floppy games require disk 1 in slot A, and disk 2 in slot B.

Do all PC-98 games work with Anex?

Sadly, no. All games on this site work with Anex86 unless otherwise noted. At least 3 emulators are needed to emulate all the games I've encountered: T98-Next, Anex86 and Virtual98, although that may be changing now that MAME is incorporating PC-98 emulation.

How do I contact you?

E-mail works best.

Is the TOSEC set a complete collection of PC-98 games?

Not even close.

TOSEC lists several different catagories of ROMs, but you only list FDI, FDD and HDI. Why?

PC-98 images come in an enormous variety of obscure formats. Thanks to the wonders of VFIC, however, all non-protected games can be converted to FDI or HDI. Protected games generally have to be converted to FDD.

Are there any PC-98 games in English?

Yes, both originally in English and fan translated.

Can I request games?

Yes, although I can't guarantee I have games not listed on the site. Send a request to my email address listed above.

Why are there so few Adventure/RPG games on this site?

I generally try to play a game far enough to know if has adult content. Most of the adventure games are really subpar, and thus I've delayed getting around to playing them.

Where can I find a complete listing of PC-98 games?

Nowhere that I know of. Ben has a pretty big listing over at FMV, as well as some screenshots.

Who actually will host a site like this?

The awesome people at

Can I link your site? Your screenshots? Your images?

Yes. No. No. You can rehost the later two if you want.

Can I donate money to support the site?


Why did you translate Marble Cooking?

A burning desire to subject humanity to the terrible suffering it so richly deserves.